Das Angebot des Peer-Support-Psychose wird zum 1.3.2024 in Luxemburg eingestellt.  

L'offre du Peer-Support-Psychose sera supprimée au 1.3.2024 au Luxembourg. 

The Peer-Support-Psychosis service will be discontinued in Luxembourg on 1.3.2024.

What is recovery support?

Recovery support (peer support) is based on the idea that people who have experienced mental health crises can use their personal experiences to understand and competently support others in similar situations.

Recovery support is based on the concept of recovery. Its message is that recovery is always possible, even in the case of a serious mental disorder.

Recovery in this context does not necessarily mean the absence of all symptoms, but finding ways to live well, even if some symptoms may still be present.

The task of a recovery counsellor

Recovery counsellors (peers) support people in mental health crises to become aware of their abilities and interests and to actively stand up for their rights and needs.

The recovery counsellor can help people in a mental health crisis by

  • encouraging them
  • giving them hope and/or simply be there for them
  • offering an exchange of experiences at eye level
  • letting people know that they are not alone in their experience
  • serving as a role model with their own recovery story