What is recovery support?

Recovery support (peer support) is based on the idea that people who have experienced mental health crises can use their personal experiences to understand and competently support others in similar situations.

Recovery support is based on the concept of recovery. Its message is that recovery is always possible, even in the case of a serious mental disorder.

Recovery in this context does not necessarily mean the absence of all symptoms, but finding ways to live well, even if some symptoms may still be present.

The task of a recovery counsellor

Recovery counsellors (peers) support people in mental health crises to become aware of their abilities and interests and to actively stand up for their rights and needs.

The recovery counsellor can help people in a mental health crisis by

  • encouraging them
  • giving them hope and/or simply be there for them
  • offering an exchange of experiences at eye level
  • letting people know that they are not alone in their experience
  • serving as a role model with their own recovery story

About me

I am an expert through lived experience, i.e. I have experienced psychotic episodes, lived through them myself and successfully worked on my own recovery.

Through many years of professional experience in the social field, I am well acquainted with the Luxembourg social health system and have sufficient resources to inform people in psycho-social distress about support services available, to orient them to the right places and to accompany and support them on their path towards recovery.

Currently, my services are mainly aimed at people affected by psychosis and their relatives but also at professionals from the social and medical field.

I am Luxembourgish and I speak Luxembourgish, German, French and English.

My offer

  • consistent guidance geared towards the wishes of the person affected
  • joint development of measures to support independance and self-determination
  • network discussions and cooperation with professionals in the sense of holistic support
  • ‘trialogue, i.e. bringing together the viewpoints of affected persons, relatives and professional helpers
  • counselling and further training as well as case discussions with professionals

Who can contact me?

  • People affected by psychosis and their relatives
  • Professionals from the social or medical field

Appointments and fees

Appointments by arrangement.

Counselling sessions for affected persons and/or relatives take place in my practice and last between 60-90 min.

Donations from clients or people who want to support Peer Support Psychose can be used to cover the costs of counselling sessions.

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Training as well as counselling for professional teams and case discussions are available on request on their premises. Prices on request.


Phone: +352 621 518 671

Address of the practice

31, rue de Mondercange
L-4395 Pontpierre
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg